Soil contamination, which is typically the result of human activity, is not something to be taken lightly. Contaminants can be introduced into the soil by a variety of different means, such as through waste disposal, motor vehicle accidents, oil spills, and industrial spills.

If contaminants leak onto the soil of your Yukon property, then you need to contact a Yukon contaminated soil excavation company such as Arctic Backhoe Services Ltd. to help you take care of the spill. If not properly taken care of, contaminated soil can have disastrous health and environmental consequences.

Hazards Posed by Contaminated Soil
The health hazards of contaminated soil are varied and depend largely on the type of contamination and even on the individual person who was exposed. Children, for example, may be more at risk for adverse health effects from certain contaminants.

Chronic exposure to contaminated soil which is not cleared up by a Yukon contaminated soil excavation service can lead to changes in the kidneys, liver, and central nervous system. These changes may manifest in symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, skin rash, eye irritation, and nausea.

Exposure to contaminants left behind in soil while still in the womb can sometimes lead to congenital diseases, while exposure later in life can cause the development of chronic conditions. For example, leukemia seems to be associated with exposure to high concentrations of benzene, and mercury contamination can lead to higher incidences of kidney damage.

Contaminated soil is also hazardous to the surrounding soil. Over time, the contaminants can seep into and destroy the soil nearby, rendering it useless or severely impaired for agricultural purposes.

In fact, the entire surrounding ecosystem can suffer from the changes caused by contaminants in even one small area. By eradicating certain plants and microorganisms from the primary food chain, soil contaminants can also harm the species which prey on and consume them.

How Bioremediation Can Help
Environmental services can help remove contaminated soil from your property by using a process known as bioremediation. The contaminated soil is first collected from your property, and then safely transported in order to be treated or correctly disposed of.

Bioremediation is a biological process which uses living organisms in order to remove or neutralize soil contaminants. The organisms are able to degrade or transform harmful chemicals so that they completely leave the soil or are rendered harmless. Common organisms used by environmental services include plants, fungi, and bacteria.

Professional Contaminated Soil Excavation in the Yukon
If you have a contaminated soil problem on your hands, then the team at Arctic Backhoe Services Ltd. is here to help. We are proud to provide contaminated soil excavation, equipped with a treatment facility and environmental services, protecting both the environment and the health of our clients.

Don’t wait for the contaminated soil to create an even bigger hazard than it already has. For all sorts of chemical spills and toxic seeps, you can contact the experts at Arctic Backhoe Services Ltd.


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