Professional Environmental Remediation Services in Whitehorse and Yukon

When contaminants leak on your property, you know you must clean up the spill immediately. But did you know that chemicals and other contaminants can leach into the soil under or around your facility? This can cause numerous health and safety risks, including congenital illnesses and other chronic diseases. When toxic materials seep into your soil, look out to Arctic Backhoe Services Ltd. in Whitehorse for environmental landfill, bioremediation, and other environmental services across the Yukon and Northern BC. . We can help you restore properties exposed to hazardous wastes and chemicals. For excavation and contaminants removal services, look no further than Arctic Backhoe Services Ltd. Count on us when in need of environmental remediation services in Whitehorse.

More on Bioremediation – A Decontamination Process

Bioremediation is a procedure that allows us to collect polluted water and soil. Once we gather the affected soil or water, we will either treat it or dispose of it in a waste facility. This process allows our technicians to safely handle toxic elements without harming the environment. Since 1981, Arctic Backhoe Services Ltd. has preserved the environment from toxic spills and seeps. Our technicians work quickly to perform contaminated soil excavation.

Our Environmental Services

Environmental spills must be cleaned up immediately to minimize their toxic, far-reaching effects on the environment. Rest assured that Arctic Backhoe Services Ltd. has all the equipment necessary to provide environmental spill services in Whitehorse and the Yukon. No matter the nature of your spill, we have the resources and professional experience to thoroughly clean it up. Our hydrovac can effectively excavate smaller quantities of water and/or wastewater, while our special excavators and trucks make it possible to easily clean up and remove gasoline or diesel (or other hydrocarbon) spills.

Certified Treatment Facility (CTF)

We have a licensed treatment facility to process hydrocarbon-contaminated soils and liquids. This is the only facility of its kind in the region, and we provide expertise in excavation, clean-up and re-establishing the areas to its former state prior to contamination. When your company’s professional reputation and environmental liability is on the line, trust our experts for safe, effective emergency spill clean-ups. We follow all government regulations regarding environmental spill clean-ups.

Accidents Happen, But You Don’t Have to Handle Hazardous Spills Yourself

Leave it to the capable hands at Artic Backhoe Services Ltd. for emergency environmental spill cleanups. We’re able to mobilize quickly and offer you a cost-effective clean-up solution to help lessen the environmental impact. Contact us for an estimate on an environmental spill clean-up in the Yukon today.

Air Burners

Arctic Backhoe Services Ltd. utilizes and provides Air Curtain Burners for both its residential and commercial customers. Air Burners can solve a lot of waste problems. They can be utilized for land clearing, landfills, forest services, wood products and disaster recovery. Email or call us for further information on the product.

Here, let’s look at some of the benefits of using an Air Curtain Burner:

Benefits in Landfill Operations

  • Natural alternative for reduction of clean wood waste – as in nature the air burners use only wind and air for efficient combustion
  • High efficiency burns – a true mass reduction in waste means less to landfill
  • High thru-put means less decomposing – in turn, less methane production
  • Ash can be used for PH balancing
  • Green trees are fine as no drying time is required
  • Reduction of green waste – increases landfill operating lifeType text here

Environmental Benefits

  • Air quality – Wood waste produces methane during decay among other things. The air burner does not produce any methane. The combustion process is very efficient using the air curtain to trap smoke particles. The emissions from the burner are stated in the technical reports. Open burning averages 60% to 80% opacity (smoke plume) where air burners average 10% opacity.
  • High mass reduction decreasing the load on local landfills – these burners effectively reduce the waste by 95 to 98 percent. As an example, 20,000 lbs of wood waste can be reduced to 400-1000 lbs of ash thus increasing the life span of landfill operations.

We also provide services including oil tank removals and demolitions. Browse our gallery to find more details about our past work. Schedule environmental remediation in Whitehorse and we will be happy to help you.

Don’t Let Contamination Destroy the Remaining Soil Around You.

Trust our experts for safe and effective emergency spill clean-ups.