Hydrovac excavation is the perfect solution when you need to dig in an area but are worried about underground pipes and utility lines, and about disrupting the surrounding environment. Yukon hydrovac services from an excavating contractor such as Arctic Backhoe Service Ltd. is a popular alternative to excavating methods of trenching and cutting.

What makes hydrovac excavation unique is the special tools and equipment involved in the process. Pressurized water and an industrial vacuum system make it possible to excavate and expose underground infrastructure in a non-destructive manner.

Companies providing hydrovac services in the Yukon begin by bringing a hydrovac vacuum truck to your property and placing it near the area of soil you wish to excavate. Highly pressurized water is then released into the soil, which causes all of the rocks, clay, gravel, and other materials in the soil to turn into a slurry. As the water is being injected, a powerful vacuum hose is lowered into the slurry and used to suck the soil up into the tank of the hydrovac truck.

The number one benefit of Yukon hydrovac services is, as mentioned above, that they cause minimal disruption to utilities and existing infrastructure. This makes hydrovac excavation the perfect solution when you want to build new structures around buried utility lines, or if you need to repair a section of damaged pipe and don’t want to risk damaging the pipe any further.

The process of hydro excavation is also non-destructive for the landscape, helping to preserve the environment and to minimize site restoration costs once the project is finished. Furthermore, hydro excavation can be carried out relatively quickly when compared to other excavation methods. The advanced technology and industrial strength vacuum involved work to quickly and efficiently remove the soil.

As well as being safer for infrastructure and for the environment, hydrovac services in the Yukon are also safer for the workers carrying them out. Safer excavation methods allow workers to focus more of their energy on doing the job in an efficient and effective manner, improving the overall quality of the work.

Another edge that hydro excavation has on traditional methods of excavation is that it is effective for virtually all soil types. It works whether you need to dig through clay or to dig through frozen ground. Hydro excavation, because it can be carried out several hundreds of feet away from the hydrovac truck, is also perfect for areas with limited accessibility.

The team at Arctic Backhoe Service Ltd. is proud to be able to provide non-destructive and environmentally friendly hydrovac services in the Yukon as an alternative to traditional methods of digging around underground piping and utilities. Since 1981 we have been working to provide our clients with safer and more efficient methods of excavation.

If you’re in need of Yukon hydro excavation services on your property, or if you’d like to find out more about what we can do for you, simply contact Arctic Backhoe Service Ltd. by phone, email, or via our online form today.


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