We’re lucky in Whitehorse. We live in a beautiful city with stunning landscapes and plentiful natural resources. Yet, despite our location, our weather is mild compared to other northern cities and according to the Guinness Book of Records—our city has the lowest levels of air pollution of any city in the world.

Not only this, but Whitehorse is one of the driest cities in the north with a relatively low annual precipitation rate. Of course, that’s not to say that we don’t get snow—because we do—and sometimes it can get heavy!

In early December 2013, we received record levels of snow in Whitehorse. Environment Canada estimated that 36cm of snow fell at Whitehorse airport in just one day, coating the city in a sparkling white, winter blanket. Kids rushed outside to play in the snow, building snowmen, hurling snowballs, sledding, and tobogganing down hillsides.

While snowfall can be fun and pretty to look at, it can also mean inconvenience. Residents had to do a lot of shovelling that week, with snowbanks quickly piling up alongside roadways. In some cases, roads were reduced to one lane due to the huge amounts of snow that had accumulated. But snowfall of this magnitude can be more than just inconvenient; large snowfalls can be dangerous for your health, personal safety, and your property.

Health Risks with Snow Removal
Shovelling snow is a labour-intensive task. As you shovel, your heart rate accelerates, and it can become difficult to breathe. The elderly and those with heart conditions or pulmonary/respiratory illnesses should be mindful when it comes to shovelling snow and ask for help whenever possible.

Potential Property Damage
The more snow falls, the more it packs, forming thicker, harder accumulations at the bottom of the pile. Eventually, all of that snow will seep into the ground as water, which can be dangerous for your home’s structures. Water can damage and penetrate your foundations and can cause damage to your driveways.

Personal Injury and Liability
When snow forms into ice, it can become a serious hazard. Falls from slipping on ice regularly lead to serious injuries. If you want to avoid injury or liability, it is essential to remove snow from your walkways, footpaths, and driveways as soon as possible—and the best way to do that is to call Arctic Backhoe.

The team at Arctic Backhoe has years of experience in both residential and commercial snow removal throughout Whitehorse and the surrounding areas. Forget trudging out to your driveway in the morning to hunch over a snow shovel; when you call Arctic Backhoe we quickly and safely remove snow from your walkways and drives, enabling you to save your energy and get on with your day. Our team can also help to prevent snow accumulation with our convenient sanding service. We can come straight to your location and treat your pathways, pavements, and driveways—helping you to stay one step ahead of winter weather.

When it comes to fast, effective snow removal in Whitehorse, choose the team with a reputation for quality and reliability; choose Arctic Backhoe.


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