Septic installation in Whitehorse, Yukon is not a one-size- or one-technique-fits-all sort of deal. Every property is unique in regard to its size, water use, soil consistency, groundwater table, and other factors which can influence the size and design of a septic tank.

Here are some tips from the excavation pros at Arctic Backhoe Services Ltd. about choosing the best septic system for your Whitehorse, Yukon property:

  • Consider the Tank Size: Septic tanks can come in a very wide variety of sizes, from holding less than 100 gallons to over 3,000 gallons. The average size for a holding tank usually falls between 500-1,000 gallons but can vary greatly based on the specific needs of the property. You need to ensure that you get a septic tank that is large enough to accommodate all of your water usage needs. This can usually be determined by considering the number of residents on the property and how much water is used for activities such as bathing, cooking, cleaning, and watering the property. You’ll want to choose a tank size that holds double the amount of your average daily water usage.
  • Consider the Tank Material: When it comes to the material that your septic tank is made of, you will have a choice between a steel tank or a concrete tank. Steel tanks can last for about 20-25 years and are the more affordable of the two options. Concrete tanks, though more expensive, are also more durable and will typically last longer. Both tank materials require unique maintenance, as steel is prone to rust and concrete is prone to cracking. But, if you pay close attention and make sure that your tank is properly inspected and maintained, you should have success with either option.
  • Consider the Tank Design: Effective septic tank design must take into account features of your property such as the slope of the ground and the type of soil it will be installed into. For example, you should give careful thought to where your tank will be installed, as its outlet should be at least three feet above its depth. Thankfully, you don’t have to decide the best tank design on your own. With the help of a septic tank installation professional you’ll be able to find the perfect location and design for your septic tank. Speaking of septic system professionals…
  • Choose the Right Whitehorse, Yukon Septic Installation Company: The only way to truly ensure that your septic tank is the right size, made of the right material, and designed with your unique property features in mind is to work with septic system technicians in Whitehorse, Yukon who have the expertise and experience needed to do the job right.

At Arctic Backhoe Services Ltd. we understand that septic systems represent a large investment and are committed to helping you choose the best septic tank for your property. Contact us today if you’re looking for quality septic system installation services in Whitehorse, Yukon.


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