If you live in territories where snowfalls are at their extreme, you understand the importance of snow removal to go ahead with your daily work. Snow covered roads and walkways can make travelling very difficult and in some cases, people aren’t able to move out of their homes. Apart from preventing you to fulfill your professional commitments, it can also lead to property damage.

Whitehorse and other cities in the Yukon are familiar with facing heavy snowfalls. Such severe weather hinders both commerce and daily life. Whether you are a commercial property holder or a homeowner, it’s crucial to keep your sidewalks, driveways, parking lots and main entrances cleared of snow. This will protect your family, customers and employees.

Getting this done on your own can be quite difficult and that’s where our services can help you with snow removal. Arctic Backhoe Services Ltd is a locally-owned and operated-business which has been serving the residents of Yukon since 1981. We specialize in:

You can always count on us for residential and commercial snow removal in Yukon. In this blog post, our experts explain how our fleet can deal with snow for you

Importance of Snow Removal
If you are part of a homeowner association or own a business, you need to prepare and have your snow plows scheduled and ready. Here are certain reasons why snow should be removed from properties:

Safety: Not only could someone fall while walking on snow but it could also result in car accidents and injuries. This can become a liability issue for you.

Loss of business: If it’s inconvenient to get into your parking lot, prospective customers may choose to go to other places.

Injured workers: If your business requires your employees to work outside then they could face injury working on a property still covered in snow. Having an employee clear the snow can also lead to injuries or other health conditions due to the physical demands of shoveling snow.

Life is easier for everyone: Clearing snow makes life easy for those in your house, especially when they have to live for work or school.

It is the law: City laws state that you are responsible for clearing the snow from your property. This should be done within a certain amount of time after the snowfall or else you will be held liable for any injuries that may occur.

Utilizing Arctic Backhoe Services Ltd
Hiring professionals such as our snow removal fleet has its own benefits including:

  • Melting services
    Our professional staff is well-equipped and trained to use special melting products for quickly clearing ice or snow. Services to consider are:
    • De-icing – It uses special products that melt hard-packed snow or sheets of ice from sidewalks, streets, parking lots and driveways.
    • Anti-icing – These include products that are to be applied before removing snow. They prevent ice or snow from bonding to concrete or asphalt surfaces which creates dangerous and slippery conditions that can result in accidents.
  • Safety equipment
    We have state-of-the-art safety equipment that makes it easy for our staff to perform efficiently.
  • Snow removal vehicles
    These are vehicles specially designed for clearing the accumulation of snow and ice. Our fleet of vehicles has been serving the residents of Yukon during winters for a long time.

For information on the impacts of snowfall read our blog post – Record Snowfall Means Record Snow Removal.

Call us to learn more about our services for efficient snow removal.


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