No matter how you cut it, spills are bad news. Environmental spills can cause massive damage to your property, can delay construction, and are often serious health hazards. There really is no good news when it comes to environmental spills, but there are steps that you can take to minimize the possibility of spills on your property. Carrying out regular checks and maintenance of septic systems and oil tanks is the most effective way to prevent damage from serious spills.

However, even with regular maintenance and care, accidents can happen. If you discover a spill on your site, be sure to take adequate precautions; immediately report the spill to Environment Yukon and then call Arctic Backhoe Services to help with environmental spill services throughout Whitehorse. Only experienced, qualified technicians should attempt to clean environmental spills; never attempt to clean up such spills by yourself.

Types of Environmental Spills in Whitehorse
There are a number of different types of environmental spills but the most common are chemical and oil/petroleum. There are a variety of types of chemicals that can leak, just as there are a variety of different types of oils and gases, but what unites them all is the necessity for quick action. Don’t delay; once you’ve reported your spill, call Arctic Backhoe for environmental spills services in Whitehorse.

Oil and Petroleum Spills
While chemical spills are arguably the most dangerous, petroleum spills carry their own dangers. Many petroleum products such as aviation fuel, diesel, and gasoline are highly explosive and flammable, and can cause incredible damage to buildings and machinery—and pose their own risk to human life. Surface spills are potentially the most dangerous, but oils that seep underground still carry a substantial risk; underground leaks can find their way into the water table and can cause severe damage to the soil and surrounding ecosystem.

Don’t Take Chances with Environmental Spills, Whitehorse
Cleaning environmental spills requires expertise as well as task-specific equipment. At Arctic Backhoe, we never take chances when it comes to ridding your site of hazardous materials. Our experienced technicians can quickly and safely remove leaked wastewater as well as dangerous hydrocarbons from your site, paving the way for a speedy return to work. We always follow government regulations to the letter to ensure that there are no nasty surprises or further delays.

No matter the issue, always make sure that you choose a professional technician to help diagnose and provide quality environmental spill services on your Whitehorse site. When you need a team with a reputation for reliability and thoroughness, call Arctic Backhoe.


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